WB 211 – New Testament Survey
3 Credit Hours

Chesapeake Bible College & SeminaryThis is a 3 credit hour, undergraduate level course, and it can be applied to the Diploma of Ministry, Associate of Christian Ministry Degree or a Bachelor of Christian Ministry Degree.

This course will give the student a detailed overview of the entire New Testament. This is a three (3) credit hour course that is based on a workbook format. The course material is based on Catherine B. Walker’s self study work book. The only other textbook needed for this course is the Bible. 

The Workbook is available at Amazon.com – CLICK HERE to order.

If you would like to take this course, please contact the Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary main offices at 410-634-9005 or you may email to AcademicOffice@ChesapeakeBibleCollege.com.