Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary -Mission


Our Mission

Networking with the Body of Christ Worldwide Strengthening the hands of God’s under-shepherds Enabling students to earn degrees in Bible and Ministry related Subjects.

The mission of Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary is three-fold:


...the College aggressively pursues networking with the Body of Christ worldwide.  This includes establishing network links with denominations, missionary societies, church organizations, Bible institutes, and Bible schools.  We recognize that no one in the Body of Christ "has it all" when it comes to ministry, but we also recognize that each believer has a part of the whole by which we can supply what other parts lack.  Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary is committed to serving as a unifying link as we help break down the walls that divide the body of Christ.  By helping people earn a degree, we help make their dreams come true.


...the College seeks to strengthen the hands of God's under-shepherds.  We believe the pastor should be the first one to be blessed by the School of Ministry, so we give him the help he needs to obtain a degree or to move on to a higher degree.  The School of Ministry assists the local church by equipping the saints to do the work of the ministry. The design of the school is to provide a well-defined curriculum that can fit any church.  By making its fees economical and convenient, we have taken Christian education off the out-of-reach "top shelf," where only the few can reach it, and have made it available to all, thus adding to the quality of the believer's life.


...the College enables students, regardless of their life situation or daily schedule, the opportunity to earn a degree in Bible- and ministry-related subjects through the combined evaluation of their church service, life experience and previous college credits.  Whether through traditional classes or correspondence, students may choose from a range of academic programs from the diploma to the doctor's level.