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Thank you for your interest in TYC-112 “Self Care Management for Turbulent Times”

During this time of unprecedented uncertainty, one thing is certain: you, as a Marketplace Minister or leader, are sought after continuously to reassure and guide those you care for.  

As a response, and with the intent of being a present help, Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary International has opened its TYC-112 3-credit hour Undergraduate self-paced Online Course, “Self Care Management during Turbulent Times”, free of charge, in this Covid-19 period, to help you gain the Biblical concepts of Self Care Management.  

With high levels of stress and burnout potentially evident, particularly in the face of overwhelming crises, the time is now to provide a clear and insightful system for Biblical Self Care Management for all of us in Marketplace Ministry.  We have assembled some timely and relevant resources we hope will better equip you in advancing the cause for Christ throughout your area of influence.    

Your Professor, Dr. Loretta Iannicelli, is Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary‘s Dean/Pastor of Admissions & Academic Development, as well as an Ordained Senior Pastor and U.S. Missions Healthcare/Crisis Chaplain with Equip Services, Inc. and the American Evangelistic Association.

This course is available to you free-of-charge with our prayer that your effectiveness will be maximized during this time.  You need only supply your Name and Email address and we will provide you with access to this course, which you may complete at your own pace, as your time permits.

You will receive a Certificate of Completion upon the fulfillment of all requirements of the College-level course, as outlined in the Course Syllabus. 

With your successful completion of this Course, you may also apply for, and receive at no charge, 3-Credit hours, from the Office of the Registrar at the Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary, so long as you are an active enrolled student in compliance with the College’s enrollment and student requirements.

Questions?  We’re here to help and support you. 

Feel free to email us at Info@ChesapeakeBibleCollege.org or reach us at our College Switchboard at 410-634-9005.

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