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Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary - established 1977

Chesapeake Bible College enables students, regardless of their life situation or daily schedule, the opportunity to earn a degree in Bible and ministry-related subjects through the combined evaluation of their church service, life experience and previous college credits. Whether through traditional classes or correspondence, students may choose from a range of academic programs from the diploma to the doctor’s level.

These educational offerings are delivered through Distance Learning Centers (“DLC’s”) as well as individually through Individual Student Correspondence (“ICS”) Online Courses.

Distance Learning Centers:
Chesapeake Bible College and Seminary is a Christian educational institution which works with local churches to provide classes in Bible subjects, Christian living, and ministry. Over the years, Chesapeake has developed a curriculum that is economical and user-friendly, contains doctrinally sound Christian educational courses, and is adjustable for churches of various sizes.

Chesapeake Bible College and Seminary has satisfied all the criteria for the status of an exempt religious-degree-granting institution as set forth in Section 11-202 of the Education Article of the State of Maryland. This enables the College to legally share its ministry with local churches. The College will accept a certificate of completion for courses taken at approved Schools of Ministry. Such courses may then be accepted by the College for credit.

Individual Student Correspondence (“ICS”) Online Studies:
CBCS already has over 60 courses online which give students the opportunity to earn a Diploma, Associates, or Bachelors in Biblical Studies. This online program is unique in that the student has two option concerning their academic schedule. Option 1 – CBCS can lay out their academic schedule for them. Option 2 – The student can lay out their own academic schedule from a select group of courses online to earn their degree.

Students taking online courses are not bound to a semester schedule, they work at their own pace. Prospective students interested in taking courses online can view a list of the available courses by visiting Directly at the Web site, students can follow the directions regarding enrollment, availability of courses, etc.

The College also acknowledges that certain students and prospective students prefer to study in the traditional method of external studies, in which course materials are mailed to them and continues to offer this method of instruction.