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After you have completed and submitted your Student Enrollment Packet, you will receive an email notification, at the email address you provide on your Admissions form, within 48 hours of your submission. This email will confirm our receipt of your Student Enrollment Packet information and, if accepted, will include instructions on remitting your Admissions Fee and additional Instructions to begin your Studies at CBCS.
Please feel free to call our Admissions Office with any questions and/or for any assistance that you would find helpful and/or if you do not, for any reason, receive the Application Accepted confirmation email within 48 business hours of your returning the application online, via fax, or via email.

The CBCS Admissions Office is open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (Eastern Time) at (410) 634-9005
The CBCS Admissions Office Email Address is

The cost to get started with the online courses is outlined further in the Application Accepted Confirmation Email, which you will receive shortly.  Fees may be paid by check or credit card.  Our Financial Office can assist you in our various plans to make your Biblical College Degree both accessible and affordable.   We will work with you to determine if there are installment plans, CBCS scholarship funds, and other plans than can help you manage the financial aspects of your Bible Degree.  Our goal is “Can Do” and we want to see you succeed on all levels at Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary.

 The CBCS Financial Office is open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (Eastern Time) at (410) 634-9005
The CBCS Financial Office Email Address is

Thank You for Applying to Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary