MJS 510 / Rays of Messiah’s Glory
3 Credit Hours

Full Title: Rays of Messiah’s Glory / The Shepherd Of Israel and His Scattered Flock & The Servant of Jehovah

Chesapeake Bible College Messianic Jewish StudiesThis “Trilogy” is a wonderful, in-depth and heart-warming study of the Messiah, Jesus Christ from three different aspects by one of the greatest Messianic Jewish writers of the past two hundred years: the incomparable David Baron of England (1855-1926).  In this study you will gain incredible insights about Jesus as never before as you read first, “The Rays of Messiah’s Glory,” followed by “The Shepherd of Israel and His Scattered Flock,” and finally, “The Servant of Jehovah.”  You will learn things about Messiah that touch the soul, and be blessed forever.