MJS 500 / Genesis I
3 Credit Hours


Chesapeake Bible College Messianic Jewish StudiesThis is a study of the very first book of the Bible of the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament), “The Book of Genesis.” The approach used in this in-depth study is from a Messianic Jewish perspective, and is based on the commentary work of Dr. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum. The Hebrew meaning of words and phrases of Genesis will become more significant as we follow the “Toldot” structure of this course: eleven family documents written in Hebrew that were handed down from one generation to the next, and eventually to Moses, who wrote the book.

This is the book that opens up an understanding of all creation, the very beginning of everything that GOD created by his spoken word: “Let there be.” This study follows the very first human beings created by GOD: Adam and Eve. From this point forward into history, and from the chosen “Seed line” of the Messiah, through Gentiles and Jews, we will look at the people and events and places that shaped the story of the first 2,000 years of human history on earth. Also notably: Noah and the Flood; his three sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth that started human civilization after the Flood, with an in-depth study of the Table of Nations of Genesis, chapters 10 and 11.This is then followed by the story of Abraham and Sarah and the beginning of the Jewish people, God’s chosen people. Chapters 1-23 will be studied in detail.

This is the first book of the Hebrew Scriptures, the “Torah,” the “Law.”