B211 / Old Testament Survey 1
3 Credit Hours

Full Title: Old Testament Survey 1 / Through the Bible I – Law and History

Chesapeake Bible College & SeminaryThis is a 3 credit hour, undergraduate level course, and it can be applied to the Diploma of Ministry, Associate of Christian Ministry Degree or a Bachelor of Christian Ministry Degree.

The course covers the five (5) books of the law (Torah) and the twelve books of Hebrew history. The student will learn many valuable lessons in spirituality, geography, chronology, canonicals, law, and the general structure of the ancient Middle East culture. This course is necessary to understand the foundation of our Christian faith.

This course is available ONLINE and enrollment in this course will allow you to log in at any time and work at your own pace.

If you would like to take this course, please contact the Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary main offices at 410-634-9005 or you may email to AcademicOffice@ChesapeakeBibleCollege.com.